Top tips and tricks for Google calendars

Google calendars is the method i use to keep organised within our team and know who is doing what, when and how. I thought i would share my top tips with you on how i use google calendars to its full potential.

You can share it with your team

We have a variety of team members all who need to know different bits of information about my schedule in order to their jobs correctly but don’t need to know my whole life’s agenda.
My email address is set to the main address and i have access to all the other email addresses under my domain eg. Each individual has their own calendar and i have all their calendars merged into mine. If i wish for it to just be debbies calendar when i add an event i make sure its under her domain.  This means she can see it, edit it and does not double book events. If its something just for me like, date night or physio appointments in the week i put it under my domain.


Keep track on your partners schedule so you never miss a thing

Be open or crafety its your choice but i linked my calendar with my old partners calendar so i knew what he was doing and got good girlfriend points for not forgetting stuffs. On the left main menu you have all your current calendars either highlighted as open or unticked and not viewing. You also have other calendars and a + next to it. Click here, subscribe to calendar and add your partners email address. Accept it from their side and you have the option to see their calendar in with yours.

Colour coded

Colour coding is the ultimate level of organisation. Different calendars can be different colours so without having to check what event your looking at and what calender its under the colour lets you know. You can also set a default colour in each domain so its automatically done.
You can also colour code work, from pleasure, from down time so you can see if you have a good balance in your life.


Android widgets 

I am an android girl, use to be iphone but then i converted. Never looking back! Anyway, you have the option to have widgets on your screen and one of these options is your calender. I have a whole screen dedicated to my big month view calendar, so its really easy to see whats going on. PLus add in that we colour coded everything without having to look at the events in detail i can see whats going on. TIME HACK.

It links with other apps. 

Its so much nicer when everything merges together seamlessly and all your systems work together. Google calendars as well as synching with all my team members, family members and loved ones also syncs with our online booking system, facebook appointments and other conferencing packages. So i don’t have to look into other apps on my phone as they are all now kept in one place.


Trying to learn a new habit or keep forgetting stuff. Set reminders via google calendars to go off at certain times, you can repeat them as often or as little as you like and your will bing at you to let you know. Set the reminders frequency, its time and if you want it to have a cut of date, one off or continuing and never forget again. You can even set reminders in your teams calendar.