Top 5 tips for motivating yourself

Motivation doesn’t last forever and it’s hard to keep going when you really don’t feel like it.  However jobs still need doing and that mean you need to find that get up and go and get stuff done. So here is out top 5 tips on how to get motivated and your butt moving.


  1. Tv break blitz. My default when im not feeling it is, tv, youtube, or social media scrolling. I know thats my go to so i use it to my advantage. I put my favorite program on and in every break i blitz round doing jobs that move my business forward. I have small time frames with a reward at the end to get me going
  2. Music on full pelt! Yup, it goes on loud and its upbeat. Have a grove, bust some moves and get ready to smash it.
  3. Take the dog for a walk. The phone gets turned onto to do not disturb mode and we walk. Do not disturb mode allows people to get through in emergencies but i still get the peace and quiet i need to de stress, relax and go from there.
  4. Count to 3. Yup im a little pocket rocket and no matter if i want to do it or not my business needs to grow because i have huge goals to smash and a life i want to build. So like it or not count to 3 then bloody well do it anyway.
  5. Go look at my goal book. This one hurts. The pain of not achieving those things is more than the pain of i don’t want to. It takes a while, a lot of self talk and then i get pissy swear at myself and off we go.


Your goals are worth fighting for, and like it or not some days your not going to want to. Look and remember those dreams . You got this.