Ever felt like something is just off and your in a big funk with life?

Life is moving well on the outside. The business is growing and its been your best week yet but your still utterly like urghhh.

Or better yet your business is drowning and everyone thinks your fine because your busy all the time to meaningless jobs that keep your brain occupied and never moving that needle anywhere.

You seem to find yourself sitting around doing nothing and for the life of you you can bring yourself out. There is a hundred and 1 things to do and all the things you enjoyed in life well they are not big enough to drag your butt out of hippo wallowing land so what the hell is wrong with you/me?

Irritated like hell!! Everything seems so dramatic, and you replay stories over and over in your head because you didn’t say when you needed to say but if you did people think “ wohoo someone’s on their period”

I came to the decision something was missing.

Whats missing in your life?

I wrote my list of everything I was missing in my life. Those basic needs life dictates you have apparently otherwise you get funky. Food, water, shelter, companionship, sex, yup that’s one too.  I wrote them all down and figured out how im going to get them back into my life.

For me it was companionship, its hard being an entrepreneur, being that self employed chick that runs 2 companies and part running another. How to do you meet people that are not your customers? This was my challenge and it looks something like this.
Go to the pub more: This im utterly cool with, even if its by myself, with my laptop just get out into the world thats not mine. You never know who you might meet.
Go to networking events: This one is going to be a double bonus. I get to meet people and talk to people i have never seen before as well as umphin up my business. That’s a winner winner chicken dinner moment right there.
Find a club or hobby: This one is  a little harder for me. So i will let you know how i get on but im thinking this one will look a little different for me and im going to move the pony to a livery yard so i can meet people that way.

  1. My brain now has a purpose rather than wallowing like a hippo in its own crap
  2. Im working to improve myself – cant be a bad thing
  3. Im working to stop the big funk happening again.
  4. Happy side effect, less funked human means better business.


Find your thing that’s missing. And its ok that thing is missing because no one is perfect. We always strive to find perfect which is annoying in itself because you will never find perfect.

Anyway find your missing thing and try and work it into your life. Tiny steps it doesn’t matter but you got this.