To many emails not enough time?

The emails are racking up, people want, no they are demanding your attention and you are only one person. I have a trick for you and its called canned responses.

Within google emails, there is an option for canned responses which is a big pot of pre written emails ready and waiting at your disposal. Yes you have to write them first, but once that’s done your set.

Have a look at all the mail you are getting in your inbox. If you answer yes, to any of these we can save you time.

Are writing the same thing over and over about a few key subjects?
Are you get similar enquiries on a regular basis?
Do you ask people for reviews on your products or services? Or should be.
Are you declining work at the minute but don’t want to appear rude?


Any of these questions can be answered with a canned response, that is pre written and at a click of a button its in your email saving you the time and hassle of writing it. Of course you can add more in, take a few bits away and make it truly personally to the individual you are talking to. However having the bulk body of that email already done is going to make those emails quick and easy.


How to set up canned responses – in google mail

  1. Open up your email inbox. On the right hand side just below the G suit button there is a settings type button in the shape of a cog or gear. Click away.
  2. Go into advanced settings.
  3. Make sure canned responses are Enabled
  4. Open up a new email
  5. Write your 1st response you want to save. If you are having trouble with this find and email you need to reply to and write out your reply with as little specific to that individual as possible. Or better yet leave those bits blank for now.
  6. At the bottom right of your email is three little dots stacked on top of each other.
  7. Click the button, scroll up to canned responses, save draft as template, new template. Save this new template, making sure the name says what it all about. No one else sees this.
  8. That email is now saved as a draft and you can access it over and over by. Clicking on the dots going to canned responses and the option is there to insert.


DAH DAHHHHHH you have saved yourself hours of time by not having to re write the same things over and over. Plus you can make as many of these canned responses as you need so you can save even more time in your email box.